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Custom display case
Configuration, pricing and order form

You can use the form below to configure your display case. Select all the necessary options to calculate the price. If you choose to, you will then have the option of submitting your order.

Please note that this form provides prices for our standards configurations and options. If you require something that you do not see available, you can send the configuration as-is and we will contact you to discuss and provide quote.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us

Cabinet preferences
How many compartments?
Compartment dimensions:
Compartments 24" wide / 10" deep are only available in 10" or 12" height.
Compartments 20" to 32" high are not available in 12" depth.
Compartment Height
Display case back:
Do you want mirror or panel back? mirror panel
Extra glass shelves:
For smaller exhibits, extra (adjustable) glass shelves can be included inside compartments 10" / 12" high, 10" / 12" deep, and 24" / 32" / 36" wide.
Compartments 10" high allow for 1 extra shelf.
Compartments 12" high allow for either 1 or 2 extra shelves.
Do you want extra glass shelves? yes no
If yes, how many? (Total)
Please note that compartment bottoms are panel (white or almond). If you have chosen "panel backs" for your display case, the color you choose for the compartment bottoms will also be the color of the panel backs. For glass compartment bottoms, please contact us.


Wood frame color?
Steel corner posts color?
Color for compartment bottoms?
Additional options:
Do you want support legs (4")? yes no
Please contact us for options available upon request:
Lighting, case locks, glass back, glass or mirror compartment bottoms, rear sliding glass doors, "off" sizes, custom colors.
Shipping and handling:
Where will this be shipped?
Additional info:
What do you plan to exhibit in your display case
Please include any additional info or comments below

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